This book is based entirely on the HOLY KORAN. It is a section by section au courant commentary on the 114 reproduced chapters or Suras of the universally accepted English text. The striking difference with the Bible is that the Holy Koran is the ‘Direct Word of God Almighty.’ It was not open to corruption [Old Testament] or recounted till long after the death of Jesus [New Testament]. It is truly immortal, universal and unchangeable.

The book covers everything under the sun and beyond. It explains inter alia the meaning of a Muslim i.e. he or she who submits his or her  will to the Will of God Almighty. All the prophets from Noah- including Abraham, Moses and Jesus- to Muhammad- were Muslim. Muslims apropos appeared before the religion of  Islam.

It further examines in detail Heaven and Hell- separation of the good from the bad or the wheat from the chaff; the Day of Judgment- individual accountability from succeeding generations- each being responsible for its own actions; Creation- 6 extramundane days representing 300,000 mundane years [Koranic]- man having little or no understanding of  time- there being no conflict with a universe that is 4-10 billion years old- Homo sapiens or thinking man- all this and much more negating the almost fait accompli claims of the evolutionists or unbelievers generally; the Old Testament, New Testament and finally an unchangeable Holy Koran and the only two prevailing conditions of Good and Evil or Believers and Unbelievers.

The book further makes plain how the Message had its roots in the Old Testament and how it eventually culminated in the Holy Koran or how the perfected religion of Islam will serve as the vanguard of the faith in the 21st century.

The book is 732 pages long and has been available for publication since April 2000.

This book nota bene was finished before September 11, the war on terrorism, the Afghan war, the war in Iraq and the now infamous ‘axis of evil’ speech. This book could consequently save millions of Christian and Muslim lives in the Old World. The sample ‘Nuclear Nightmare’ article prepared in 1999 to pave the way for

publication is appended to this synopsis.
Synopsised CV: Suliman Ebrahim is a British Muslim Barrister who specialises in the teachings of the Holy Koran and with it international affairs. He was born in South Africa in 1950 and left apartheid SA for England in 1970. He spent the 80’s practising law in Botswana and lives in London.


JUNE 2003